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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for FAKO UK/Fako News Centre

                           29 January 2010

All eyes in Fako Division are now focused on the newly created football club, BONAVADA FC, that is currently among the top clubs in the on-going regional Second Division in South West of Cameroon.  At the moment, the club is sitting at the top of their pool with 12 points, ahead of many popular clubs that had already existed in this region over the past decades.

Barely four months since its creation, BONAVADA FC, initially under-looked as a village club, has become the centre of attention  due to their performance in the Regional Second Division expedition. The club has  won five and lost only to Botafogo FC in their opening game.



However, the head coach, Gaston Bouloumeck, has warned that the players need to concentrate till they accomplish their mission to get to Division One.  Mr. Bouloumeck made this warning on Sunday January 31, 2010, at the end of their 2-0 victory against Kumba Lakers, a victory that took them to the top of the table. The head coach cautioned the players that, they are still at the first rounds of the qualifiers into the Mini Inter-pools and therefore not be complacent.


Mr Bouloumeck explained that the more matches they win, the more other teams prepare hard to confront them. On the other hand, he added that victory also has a negative side. The club’s manager maintained victory is often celebrated with pride and that pride goes before a fall. He therefore warned that his players should shun moving about with raised shoulders for being the best at the moment but double their effort to make sure that they remain on top.


 The headcoach has called on the entire BONAVADA and Fako community to throw their weight behind the club. He disclosed that the players are good and would deliver if they are provided with the necessary gadgets. He explained that most players get late to their training session because they move about looking for football boots while some lack transport to travel from their homes. “Most of my players are students who are still dependent and need financial support as motivation” he added.


However, many who turned out to witness the encounter last Sunday say they were not only satisfied with the victory but the playing style the boys put out. BONAVADA FC is now preparing   to participate in matches of the National Challenge Cup that begins on Sunday February 7, 2010. The club is made of 95% Fako indigenous players with about 85% of them coming from the BONAVADA community (Ewonda, Wova I & II, Wonakanda, Wokova, Wokwai, Bwitingi, etc) .


The team was initially formed in July 2009 to take part in the Dr. Namanga Ngongi’s Inter-quarters football competition. Their performance then was un-impressive. It is from the ashes of that tournament that the club was formed. Its headcoach hails from the Centre and Littoral provinces. He speaks French English but mostly communicate with the players in Pidgin English.


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