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Anglophone Struggle: Musonge and Co ''Hate

Messages'' Denounced By Anglophone


By Evelyn Mojoko Singeh for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Former Cameroon prime minister Senator Peter Mafany Musonge, Chief Senator Tabe Tando, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea Nalova Lyonga, Chief Atem-Ebako, former Government Delegate of the Kumba Urban Council Calvin Noko Mbelle and their collaborators must have realised by now that the Anglophone community, especially the South West Region they claim to represent, has disowned them.
They shot themselves on the foot on Thursday 2 February, 2017, in Buea, when their team took the population by surprise to preach a hate sermon against their North West Region brothers and sistyers during a supposed South West elite forum called up by Peter Mafany Musonge. o

Some South Westerners home and abroad have fired back, denouncing and dissociating themselves from the evil pronouncements made against the North Westerners.
An elite of Fako Division based in the USA, Professor Lyombe Eko, wrote on Fako Nation recently, explaining that Musonge and co lack the wisdom to solve the Anglophone problem. He blamed them for resorting to the old divide-and-rule tactics that cannot work in the present dispensation where the entire Anglophone community is armed to the teeth to resist Francophone oppression and domination.

In an interview published on 6 February, 2017, in Eden Newspaper, Barrister Ngalle Monono noted that the Musonge headed forum did not reflect the South West Region elites. He pointed out that the so called elites are pretenders who fail to present the real picture of the Anglophone problem. According to him, President Paul Biya should avoid listening to them, for their interest is to have the best of the system and not to assist him realise good governance.

Former Buea Mayor, Senator Mbella Moki Charles who is very liked by the Buea population, was smart to react against the xenophobic statements made by Mafany Musonge, Nalova Lyonga and especially Chief Dr. Atem-Ebako against the North West people. Chief Atem-Ebako spent time accusing North Westerners of dominating the economic and administrative sector in the South West Region. He also accused them of dominating the population of the South West Region as if they prevented the indigenous South West Region inhabitants from having many children as they wish.

Dr Nalova Lyonga took her turn to claim that the strike actions in the University of Buea are instigated by North Westerners who are used to violence. On his part, Senator Musonge who used to be respected in the Anglophone community made things worse when he asked South Westerners to ‘plug off the eyes’ of North Westerners. To the chagrin of many, they wondered if Mola Musonge would be the first to plug off the eyes of his nephews since his sister got married to a North Westerner.

However, after listening to the evil statements from Musonge and co, Senator Mbella Moki Charles made a smart reaction to clear himself from the hate speeches. He admitted that they have all failed in their duty as elites and should look for means resolve the problems plaguing their communities rather than  throw blames on others. 

Another outspoken South Westerner, CPDM sub-section President in Meme Division, Lawson Tabot, frowned at the statements by the Musonge led forum members. He noted that the North Westerners are not their enemies and should not be considered as such. Mr Tabot explained that sending off the North Westerners from the region will mean that the CDC, PAMOL and other giant plantations in the region be closed because it is the North Westerners doing all the work.

The younger generation of the South West has even gone on local media describing the Musonge team as selfish individuals who are making efforts to score political points in a bid to please their master than to project the plight of their people.
In a communiqué published in local newspapers, some youths under the umbrella of Fako Youths Council condemned the political elites for inciting North West and South West Regions divide. They claimed the ploy will not work as they are more informed of the situation that can only be made better when the Anglophone struggle goes through.