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Agnes Nduma Mbwaye and Sango Etongwe, Both Based

In The USA, Celebrate their Marriage In Buea

By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

10 April 2011




Agnes Nduma Mbwaye (now Mrs Etongwe), native of Wokwaongo village in the Bakweri town of Buea, and Sango Louis Etongwe, native of Massaka in the Oroko land in Ndian Division, were the centre of attention on Saturday 9 April 2011 in Buea when they took the altar to bless their marriage. They travelled home from Maryland, USA, where they live. This solemn ceremony took place at the St. Martin The Porres Parish in Wokwaongo.  The occasion was proceeded with many festivities at the Presbyterian Church Synod Hall, Buea Town.



The couple who had arrived Cameroon earlier came along with friends and relatives from the United States. Among them was Mola Jacob Likambi who spent all day dancing to the beatings of Bakweri Choral songs and cha-cha displayed by guest artist, Tata Kinge. Despite the skills and talents of those present, the couple did not allow any to steal their show. They made sure that it was all theirs as Mr and Mrs Etongwe took the dancing floor all night long to dance with the population.



The father of the bride, retired seasoned state photographer, Pa Emmanuel Moanga mo Mbwaye, expressed his joy as a father in seeing his daughter get married. He explained that happiness and joy in marriage are only achievable if couples listen and accept each other’s views. On his part, the Chairperson of the wedding Dr Ernest Molua of the University of Buea, recounted his relationship with the couple. He added that he had known them in Cameroon and had been their guest abroad. Hence, he confirmed the strong love the couple have for each other.



Talking during the ceremony, the chief celebrants thanked all those who accompanied from USA to celebrate the couple’s wedding back home. According to the couple, they had already  legalised their union abroad but needed to extend their joy with those at home.

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