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Honourable  Namme Ngale Laid to Rest

By Peterkins Tengileli Elive in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
11 March 2012


Honourable Adolph Namme Ngale , MP for Buea Urban who died in a German hospital on 13 February 2012 at the age of 51, was laid to rest in his compound at Small Soppo Wonganga, Buea, on Saturday 10 March 2012.
Namme (pronounced Nammeh) travelled to Germany in January 2012 with a stomach ailment and a rumour spread like wild fire alleging he was dead. The rumour died down when no confirmation came from the family but it became clear that he was sick. In reality, he was in a coma after an operation to remove a tumour from his colon.

The whole scenario up to his death on 13 February was a shock, because he celebrated Christmas and New Year with pomp and went about his normal activities without showing any outward sign of illness. Many consider his death mysterious and are wondering what is happening to the Bakweri tribe where the death of prosperous young men and women is the order of the day.
Honourable  Namme Ngale was a teacher by profession who graduated from ENS Bambili and became Principal of GHS Bokova. He was alternate MP to Hon Paul Meoto and when the latter was in 2005 appointed Chief of Cabinet in the Prime Minister’s Office with the rank of Secretary of State, Namme was raised to full MP .He was voted to parliament in his own capacity in 2007.His premature death has come barely four months to the next parliamentary elections slated for June 2012.

At the funeral was a powerful delegation of more than thirty MPs led by Hon Emilia Monjowa Lifaka, a university of Buea Delegation led by Vice-chancellor Professor Vincent Titanji since Honourable Namme Ngale was a Board Member of the UB Council, Administrative leaders, CPDM officials, Traditional Rulers, Academics and other sympathisers.
Married with three children, Honourable Namme was the President of the Fako and South West Public Investment Budget Committees, supporter of Opopo football club of Limbe and Mt. Cameroon football club of Buea , member of the Christian Men’s Fellowship (CMF) etc.
The requiem service was held at Presbyterian Church Small Soppo Wonganga where he had been worshipping.

The people of Small Soppo in particular had considered Honourable Namme Ngale’s parliamentary career as a generational blessing, inherited from his father Fritz Nguva Ngale who in the late 1950s was one of a few Southern Cameroonians elected to the House of Representatives Enugu, Eastern Region of Nigeria.
Honourable Namme Ngale’s untimely death is a big shock.

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