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Tiko-Douala Road Records another Bloody Accident

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

A bloody road accident has claimed the lives of over 50 workers of the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC). The accident took place in the early hours of Saturday October 12, 2013 along the Misseleleh stretch of the Tiko-Douala road when a CDC truck transporting plantation workers collided head-on with another truck transporting sand.


The General Manager of the corporation, Franklin Njie, the SDO of Fako Division, Zang III and other administrative authorities rushed to the seen immediately they got news of the sad event. According to the SDO for Fako Division, 21 persons died on the spot while others later died on the way to the hospital.
While some of the survivals are in intensive medical facilities in Douala, the General Manager has promised that the corporation is putting all the financial means available to cover all the medical bills of the survivors.
However, some eye-witness reports claim that some of the personnel died from wounds caused by their own working tools.  It is not long since another bloody accident claimed lives of some traders from Buea along this highway.


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