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By Moki S Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
21 May 2015

The National Day celebration that takes place every 20th of May yearly ended up in Buea with a colourful march pass by pupils, students, the military, socio-cultural groups and legalised political parties.
In addition to the spectacular march pass presented by the military, students of mission schools like the Baptist, Presbyterian and the Catholic all performed so well that the public gave them a standing ovation.
This year’s celebration in Buea witnessed some 61 personalities being promoted to various ranks in the national orders. During the occasion, 2 persons were promoted to the office of national order of valour and 6 into the knight of national order of valour.
One person was promoted to the commander of the Cameroon order of merit, 5 into the office of the Cameroon order of merit and 16 into the knight of the Cameroon order of merit.
Two persons were promoted into the 3rd class sport order of merit 29 others were decorated with the Public force medal. Some other Cameroonians were also decorated with labour medals.
At the end of the ceremony, the pupils and students went shopping. While the young girls were spotted around buying some candies, the males were seen buying footballs and other toys.













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