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                 50th YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION IN LIMBE

By Cecilia Musaka in Limbe for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

          On Thursday 11th Febuary 2016 at the Manga William Avenue in Limbe, the youths in all the 10 regions of Cameroon came together and celebrated this day.

         This day emphasizes the importance of youths and their role played in societal development as future leaders. This was a colourful day filled with various uniforms and the material chosen for the celebration. The youths showed off in their colourful attires and participated in parades, also the students of universities marched in bands. Government officials watched the procession, along with the general public. The day was also filled with dance demonstrations of majorettes and other sporting activites. It was also a day where many business people took the opportunity to make more money.
     Moreover, the president of the country Mr Paul Biya urged the youths to redouble their efforts and creativity, so as to build a better nation. He also motivated the young people to grasp the opportunities offered in the agricultural sector. He also spoke of more developments which are going to be done by the Government in the agricultural sector and this will bring about more job opportunities.
    All in all it was a day of celebration and all went home satisfied and the theme for this year was to encourage youths not to be involved in violent activities and be involved more in artistic activities.


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