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      By Cecilia Musaka in Limbe for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

      12 February 2015

The 11th of February was celebrated on Wednesday in Limbe and all over the country as a day to remember the re-unification of the Southern Cameroons and the Eastern Cameroon.
      The celebration of this day is aimed at sensitising and nurturing responsible youths. This day is marked with festivities and public exhibition. A lot of the activities carried out include workshops, parades, community service, traditional dances, and cultural display. The National Youth day is filled with a march pass from all the schools in Limbe. This year, the government ensured that all the schools had Majorettes who marched alongside the others. Also this day was also celebrated by the teachers who also ensured they sewed their clothes chosen from one colour material. The teachers were joyful to see their peoples march because they are the future leaders of tomorrow.
      This also was a day for merchandise at the field and also for bars and restaurants. Things such as shoes, sandals, dolls, drinks were sold at the field. Churches also used this opportunity to evangelise to the youths and encourage them. The beauty of the day was seen from the diverse colours of the various uniforms of these schools. To encourage and support the youths this occasion was attended by several Government representatives such as the Government Delegates of all the councils, Lord Mayor Rodanny Mbua, SDO, Commissioner Kumfa.
    All in all it was joyfully celebrated and the pictures below are to demonstrate how the day was in Limbe.












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