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   By Cecilia Musaka in Limbe for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

            The celebrations of entering 2015 on the 1st of January was filled with ecstatic joy and display.
            Every year both nationally and internationally entering a new year is marked with festivities and various activities are carried out as well depending on the individuals. New year was celebrated throughout the town of Limbe as thousands started the day by going to church to thank God for granting them another year which they believed will be filled with notable achievements and aspirations. Many expressed that they are expecting the year of 2015 to be enriched with Gods goodness. Afterwards, a lot of the families spent the day cooking various dishes, then later on visited relatives and friends and they all celebrated the year together. Also, some youths decided to spend the day by going out for swimming and visiting touristic centres such down beach, botanic gardens and other areas.
            All in all the New Year was gladly acclaimed







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