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3rd Edition of Dr Makongo BONAVADA Youths Tournament Kicks off in Bokova, Buea

By Efome Ferdinand in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre


A football tournament that targets youths in 13 villages in the BONAVADA Area (Upper Bokova, Bova I, Bova II, Wonakanda, Ewonda, Wokwai, Mwangai, Woteva, Wokulu, Wonganjo, Upper Bolifamba, Gbwitingi and Bwiteva) has kicked off in Bokova. The championship that is sponsored by an elite of the community, Dr. Makongo David Njie residing in the USA, opened on Sunday the 26th of July 2016 with the male and female categories.

The opening ceremony of the tournament witnessed Home Ladies of Upper Bokova trashing the Likumu Ladies of Wokwai by 8-0, in the female category while defending champions, Triple M F.C, beat Chelsea F.C. 4-0.
Talking to the head of the organising committee of this holiday football competition, Mbua Emmanuel Mbua, he explained that like in other editions, the objective of the donor, Dr. Makongo, is to expose and identify local and promising football talents, promote friendship among the youths of the community and as well as keeping them gainfully occupied during this holiday period. 
Mola Mbua Mbua also added that the tournament carries a cash prize of FCFA 500,000 and the competition will run till the 5th of September when the final will be played.

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