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                            CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION IN LIMBE

              By Cecilia Musaka for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
                                 26th December 2015

          The inhabitants of Limbe happily prepared themselves for the Christmas celebration. Limbe having  both the old and new market, had these markets  filled with buyers on the 24th  and 25th  of December who stocked their houses with food items and some also came to get Christmas attires for their families.  All sorts of food items were sold and purchased. Also the prices of items sold in the market were on a slight increase because the sellers aimed at maximizing their profit.
      Furthermore the 25th of December began for many by them spending the first hours in church acknowledging and thanking God for His grace and goodness in their lives. Later on families gathered to spend time together. This day comprised of the cooking of different types of meals. Some families spent the day by doing outdoor activities such as swimming and visiting relatives.
 Conclusively, this was a day well spent and celebrated and many look forward to the upcoming New Year with a lot of expectations.


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