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End of Dr Makongo BONAVADA Youths Tournament- Bwiteva Teams Win both Male and Female Trophies

By Ferdinand Efome in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

After 7 weeks of total display of football talents, the second edition of Dr. Makongo Bonavada Youths Tournament has come to an end. The tournament that brought together local football talents from villages in the BONAVADA area of Buea came to an end on Sunday August 31st 2014 in Bokova.
At the end of 7 weeks of play, the finalists of the male category of the tournament, Triple M. FC of Bwiteva and Wonya Moka FC of Upper Bokova (last year’s champions) battled for the trophy that finally went to Triple M. FC after beating their opponent 7 goals to 2.
United Ladies FC of Bwiteva village also defeated Bova United ladies FC by 1 goal to 0 to lift the trophy in the female category. While the winners of the male category carried home a cash prize FCFA 100,000, winners of the female category took FCFA 50,000.
However, the runners-up also carried home consoling prizes. There were also other prizes to individual laureates who demonstrated spectacular talents during the tournament.


At the closing ceremony, the representative and younger brother to the cup donor, Massoma Kinge, assured the youths of another competition next year that will still be sponsored by Dr. David Njie Makongo of the USA.
On his part, head of the organising committee, Emmanuel Mbua, acknowledged the contributions of some BONAVADA elites, in kind or cash, that enabled the successful organization of the tournament. He also disclosed that the donor supported this edition with the sum of FCFA 500,000 whereas he donated FCFA 300,000 in the last edition.




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