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Inter-Denominational Youths Competition Ends

in Bova Village in Buea

By Ferdinand Efome in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Christian youth groups from the Catholic, Baptist and Presbyterian churches in Bova, were on Saturday August 30th 2014 involved in an inter-denominational contest. The contest that was sponsored by one of their brothers Augustine Nyoki Mbella, who is based in Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA, witnessed a bible quiz, singing and dancing competition, and a display of short Bakweri traditional dances.
The participants received school materials to assist them go back to school while other symbolic gifts like wall clocks were given to them to take back to their churches. The event that was hosted by Catholic Church Bova also witnessed an education talk on why students fail exams.
This talk was presented by a discipline master at the Government Teachers Training College, Buea, Michael Duka, who highlighted that one of the reasons students fail exams stems from poor orientation. On his part, Mola Njoh Vevanje educated the participants on the importance of going to school.

The coordinator of the programme, Lifita Mbella, disclosed that the sponsor intends to make this event become a religious jamboree in this community. According to him, the event will incorporate most, if not all, of the other churches present around the BONAVADA community in future.
He added that the sponsor wishes is to unite youths under a Christian banner so that together they can look at the world from a Christian perspective.


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