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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
                           16 June 2013

The Buea Intensive Vocational Training Centre (IVTC) has graduated one of its best batches of students. According statics, the 36th batch of students of the above institution scored 95.4% during the end of course exams of the 2011/2012 training year.
Out of 174 students who stood for the end of course exams, 166 passed placing the centre in top position among the six intensive vocational training centres in Cameroon. Of the 166 who succeeded in the end of course exams, only 40 were male while 134 were females.

Addressing the graduating students on Friday June 14, 2013, the Director of the institution, Mrs Becky Limunga Efoe implored them to use the skills they have acquired to create jobs for themselves and others. She explained that the centre has equipped them with sufficient entrepreneurial skills to enable them create job opportunities. She prayed them to be disciplined and respectful to those they will be serving.

Statistics of End of Course Examination Results 2011/2012 Training Year
 Registered: 174               Passed 166
Total Male          : 40
Total Female      : 134
Performance Statistics per Departments
1) Office Automation Secretary ship:
Registered: 59
Male:    Sat 1     Passed 1
Female: Sat58   Passed   55

2) Bilingual  Office Automation Secretary ship
Registered: 26
Male: Sat 2          Passed 2 
Female: Sat 24    Passed 24

3) Computerised Accounting And Management
Registered: 33
Male:    Sat 14   Passed 11
Female: Sat 19   Passed 19

4) Accounting Secretary Ship
Registered: 35
Male:    Sat 4   Passed 3
Female: Sat 31 Passed 31

5) Computer Maintenance And Repairs
Registered: 21
Male:     Sat 19   Passed 17
Female   Sat 2     Passed 2

Special awards were presented to some students who excelled in specialised areas of studies.

Awards Given To the Best in Specialised Areas of Studies
(1)Computer Maintenance:         
-Samson Njembe Mokande 
-Godlove Mba
-Tembi   Evodia Engoh 
-Ngonde Celine Nanje 

(2) Bilingual Secretary:                 
-Mpey Irene     
-Rachel Bobimwo

(3)Office Automation Secretary:                 
-Beatrice Bayiha Ipua                  

(4)Accounting Secretaryship                  
-Fochu Tina Mamua Yetunde                                                                  
-Efange Ngowo Claudine

(5)Computerised Accounting $ Management:                   
 -Tendongmoh Gabriel                                                                              
 -Alobwede Ndobe Sheila


(6)Most Serviceable:                                                                             
-Kelvin Njie                                                                                                         
-Mosio Enanga                                                                                                 
-Ndive Emilia Mesanga                                                                                  
-Constance Mandi Binda                                                                              
-Ida Leyonga Formbasong
-Hanna Limunga Ndive

(7)   Most Punctual
 -Otto Mondoa Njie

(8) Most Polite
- Tafor Comfort Mantap

(9) Most Presentable
- Sophie Bie Dienga

(10) Leadership Qualities
Kiming Derick Tanto

(11)   Most Improved
- Liza Ewelisane Ekeke

(12) Entrepreneurial Qualities
-   Ashungwa Honorine
-   Drava Jiti
-    Njong Ayaba Cyprain
-   Wague Rebecca

Special Awards
-Mr. James Foretia
-Mr. Gregory Nah


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