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CHAOS AS GCE RESULTS ARE RELEASED; New Strategy to Release the 2013 Cameroon GCE Results Creates More Tension

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

       2 August 2013

The new method the authorities of the Cameroon GCE Board adopted to release this year’s GCE results led to lots of tension and uncertainty amongst candidates and their relatives. It took more than forty eight hours for some students even within Buea where the Head Office of the Board is located to have details of their results. After the results were released on Wednesday August 1, 2013, candidates around Buea rushed to the GCE Board Head Office, the CRTV Regional Station and some head offices of newspaper organisations based in Buea that usually published the results. They were shocked to find out that even newspaper organisations did not have the results. It was later brought to their attention that the Registrar of the board, Sir Humphrey Monono, had earlier declared through the media that the results would not be commercialised.


The Board had made plans to release the results at the same time with candidates’ results slips. This was to enable them check their results at their respective centres. On the contrary, this did not work as planned. A code (8070) was circulating around for those who wanted to know their results to send a text message (SMS) bearing their candidate and centre numbers through their mobile phones. In return, they would receive their detailed results bearing their full names, candidate’s centre number and their detailed results. This process created a lot of uncertainty because it took more than four hours for them to get a reply after sending such messages. Being so anxious to know their results, candidates kept on re-sending the text messages. Since a text message for this service costs CFA 150 frs, most of them ended up exhausting their credits. It was then realised that some mobile telephone network providers had bought the rights to publish the results. Some of those who sent text messages have testified that they only got their results the next day.


Not even the soft copies of the results were available on either USB Flash Drives or results booklets for sale as it had been in the past few years. However, the results were read out on the radio as before but without the grades.
A teacher of a government High School in Fako Division told Fako News Centre that a candidate’s results are his/her private matter and newspapers had no right to publish them. He said that when detailed results of students are published by newspapers, all sorts of machinations take place in various forms such as identity theft where students’ names and exam grades are taken by some men and women of the underworld. Given the bad state of roads, it would take more than a week for some students in the hinterlands of Manyu, Ndian and Kupe-Muaneguba Divisions to get their results; probably when their result slips must have reached their schools.
People who in previous years got an electronic copy of the GCE results from insiders at the GCE board and then made money by disclosing results to students before the results were printed by newspapers and read out by radio, did not make any money this year.

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