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Young Athlete Steals Show at Buea Council Holiday Competitions

By Efome Ferdinand in Buea for FakoUK/Fako News Centre

A young athlete, Njie Mathias of Bova II stole the show on Saturday August 17, 2013 when he arrived 3rd position during a cross-country race organised to mark the end of the Buea Council Inter-quarter football competition that took place in Bova II. The 8-year -old took spectators by surprise when he crossed the finish line ahead of men and women old enough to be his parents.

His performance won the admiration of the Interim Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema and other elites who witnessed the event. Njie Mathias who was also the youngest athlete in the race took close to FCFA 100,000 home as dash in addition to his cash as 3rd placed athlete.  His senior sister, Martha Mojoko, was first in the female category of the race.

Starting point of the race was at Government School Bova, to the Buea Town wrestling Field and back, covering a distance of 14 kilometres. 
Addressing the inhabitants of Bova during the end of the finals pitting Kuwait FC and Duldes FC, Mr. Patrick Ekema promised to that next year’s edition of the cup will carry more than FCFA 250,000. He explained that Buea Council always organises Inter-quarter football tournaments at the Buea Town Green. According to him, extending the tournament to Bova was an initiative taken to also improve youth interaction and corporation in Bova and surrounding villages.
The football competition in Bova was one of its kinds. It was a Mini-Pitch tournament with participating teams playing without goalkeepers. The goal posts were set at 1metre wide as well as the height. The finals ended in a penalty shot out after both teams separated on a virgin. Duldes FC carried the day after beating their opponents 2-1 in the penalty shoot-out.
Also present during the closing ceremony of the tournament was the South West Regional Delegate for Transport, Larry Lisinge, the Fako Divisional Delegate of Lands, Kinge Thompson Molonge, the deputy mayors of the Buea Council and other council personnel who also accompanied the Mayor.

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