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By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/ Fako News Centre
    5th February 2012

The Douala-based Bakweri Social Group called Jaweaneh, has once more respected their commitments to financially support University of Buea students of Fako Origin. This year’s edition of the Jaweaneh UB Scholarship Award took place at the campus of the Intensive Vocational Training College (I.V.T.C.) Buea, on Saturday the 4th of February 2012 and saw the donation of 50,000 FCFA each to 10 students. This amount is equal to the registration fees students pay per year in the University of Buea.
Students from the medical field dominated the list of those selected for the award. Out of the 10 recipients, 3 came from the medicine, 1 from the medical laboratory science, 1 from Nursing, and the others from Biochemistry, Law, History and Political sciences respectively.
The Vice President of the group, Dr. Nameh Luma, noted that they were surprised to have received only few applications for the awards despite the publicity they made. He explained that in as much as Jaweaneh members are committed to financially support young scholars in Fako communities, they must also make themselves available to benefit from their support. 
However, he thanked the laureates for their hard work and prayed that they keep the good results and continue to make Fako people proud. He promised that the group will do everything possible to ensure that subsequent editions of the scholarship award take place in the month of September so that it serves the purpose for helping the students pay their registration fees into the University of Buea.
Addressing the laureates during the occasion, the guest speaker, Prof Lydia Luma, noted with regret that the average Bakweri youth avoids taking challenges in life. According to her, taking challenges exposes one to experiences in life that prepare one for future tasks. She maintained that it is while going through experiences that you consult and learn from your own life experience. Thus you become strong after cracking your head to succeed in your daily tasks.
She observed that many Fako youths sit comfortably in their parents’ sitting rooms waiting for big white-collar jobs while others are enriching themselves from their rich-fertile soils. She left them with the watch words.
Life is a race, run it.
Life is a risk, take it
Life is an adventure, discover it
Life is a game, play it
Life is a challenge, play it.

List of laureates

1) Frida Embolo Nganje, native of Mokunda village in Buea, 2nd year Medical student, GPA of 3.64.

2) Lyonge Ngonge Anthony, native of Mafvanja village, 4th year Medical student, GPA of 3.43.

3) Christy Mamua Tamufor, native of Wondongo village, 3rd year Medical student, GPA of 3.30.

4) Enjema Ekema Sarah, native of Wokwaongo village, 2nd year Economics student, GPA of 3.27.

5) Ekumbe Ray Terence Mbonde, native of Ekonjo village, 2nd year Public Administration/Political Science student, GPA of 2.88.

6) Raphael Lifanda Eyum, native of Bimbia, 2nd year Medical Laboratory Science student, GPA of 3.00.

7) Lucy Limunga ILuke, native of Bota Land, 2nd year History student, GPA of 2.84.

8) Roland Muambo Lyonga, native of Wonduma village, 2nd year Law student, GPA of 2.70.

9) Toshum Evenye Jemimah Ngale, native of Gbwando village, 2nd year Biochemistry student, GPA of 2.52.

10) Ngomba Ferdinand Njie, native of Likombe village, 3rd year Nursing student, GPA of 2.97.


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