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By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
          3rd January 2012


Members of the Fako Amerca Organisation in the United States of America  have once more come to the support of young Fako scholars back at home. They distributed 37 scholarship awards to students of Fako origin with outstanding performances in the Vocational Training, General Certificate of Education-Ordinary Level and Advanced Level and to those at the University of Buea on Tuesday 3rd  January, 2012, at the Hotel Mermoz Banquet Hall Buea. 



Presenting a special message from the president of Fako America Mola Martin Moluwa Matute, Iya Enjema Moka and Iya Pauline Liengu Litumbe-Hill noted that though the material aspect of the award may not be heavy, the symbolism and thoughts behind the award are the most important. They added that the organisation is determined to give assistance to each and every Fako person but emphasised that this would be easy if many more Fako persons in the United States join the organisation and/or join any of the many Regional Fako Groups in the USA. Included in the award ceremony were special prizes that were awarded by individuals in recognition of their deceased relatives or to promote excellence in Science; Dr Ekema Agbaw’s prize for Literature went to two students, Dr Augustine Evella Kange’s science prizewent to Joan Nanyongo Embola (10A’s and 1B at GCE Ordinary level) and Dr and Dr Mrs Matute’s prize for promoting excellence in women’s education went to one student


Speaking in Mokpwe, the Registrar of the Cameroon G.C.E. Board, Mola Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono, encouraged the laureates to strive in their book work and also re-iterated the need for them to uphold the values and culture of the Bakweri people. He however pleaded that they should spread the message of the award to other young Fako indigenes to spur them to also work harder for good results. Mola Ekema Monono asked the laureates to make suggestions on how they think Fako America can support them


On his part, another Fako notable, Chief Humphrey Mosenge (Chief of Small Soppo Wonganga) reminded the recipients that their brothers and sisters of Fako America must have a soft spot for them to put this gesture at their disposal. He maintained that it is now their obligation to do their best to raise the name and protect the interest of the Fako community wherever they find themselves


Reacting at the end of the award ceremony, some of the laureates said they were overwhelmed with the initiative of Fako America. They however promised to do their best to make outstanding results at their various fields of study. While commending Fako America, they noted that the notification time for them to apply was too short and as a result, many University of Buea students could not apply because of the bottleneck procedure to apply for a transcript


This year’s scholarship award by Fako America witnessed for the first time the category for students at the University of Buea. The ceremony witnessed the presence of the Paramount Chief of Buea, H.R.H. S.M.L. Endeley, the former Mayor of Buea, John Mokake Endeley, Mola Mbua Ndoko, Prince Charles Endeley, Mola Litumbe, Chief Humphrey Mosenge among others and Sir Humphrey Ekema Monono.

List of laureates

1. Vocational Training

Hotel Catering and Management
Pauline Enjema Lyonga
Prisca Ngowo Esuka
Bako Bridget Enanga Lyonga

Welding Metal Fabrication and Spraying

Esingila Giaus Ekema
Mofema Mbome Raymond
Lut Efande Ndumbe
Fritz Oneil Mafise Ndumbe
Building Construction
Moses Kombe Lyonga
Scott Njoh Mbah
Edward Njoh Esongami

Auto Mechanics and Motor Electricity

Lucas Kombe Wose
Ezikiel Muanjo Enange
Emmanuel Manyaka Ikome
Emmanuel Kinge Mokande
Nelson Njie Namanga
Wood Work and Carpentry
David Mafany Ezuma
Peter Kulu Mbua
Efeme Nganje Francis

Information and Communication Technology
John Iboh Ekongolo
Ronald Ndive Ephanga
John Njunge Mokome

2. General Certificate of Education: Ordinary Level: 2011 Session
Joan Nanyongo Embola
Liombe Kima Luma
Eposi Miyemeck Hanah
Reuben Ndeley Ngalle

3. General Certificate of Education: Advanced Level: 2011 Session

Eya Beatirce Enanga Ncho
Veronica Ebenye Njie
Marie C. Efeti Mbame
Augustine Meombo Likine

4. University Studies

Seraphine Ebenye Mokake: Doctoral student in Botany/Forest Ecology
Frederick Tilili Moleye: Master’s student in Crop Protection
Francis Mbua Tome: Bachelor student in Educational Psychology
Tommy Stephane Mbua Biock: Bachelor student in Accounting

5. Specifically Designated Scholarships

1. Promoting Women’s Education
 Hermine Mbongo Ikome: Bachelor Student in Women’s Studies
 In Memory of Queen Gladys Silo Endeley

2. Promoting Excellence in English Literature at the G.C.E.  Advanced Level

 Limunga Ngeh Cynthia Ikome
 Evenye Becky Ndumbe
 In Memory of Mama Susanna Efosi Agbaw nee Mosaso

3. Promoting Excellence in the Sciences 
Joan Nanyongo Embola





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