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Buea Municipal Council Puts a Smile on Young Scholars’ Faces in Buea

By Moki S. Mokondo and Orgen Linonge in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

Over 377 pupils, students and handicapped persons from the Buea municipality have benefited from scholarships of the Municipal Council of Buea. The awards presented in cash were offered to the beneficiaries on Monday the 12th of November at the Buea Council hall.
Speaking during the award ceremony, the Mayor of the Buea Municipal Council, Mbella Moki Charles, noted the importance of rewarding academic excellence. Thought the scholarship is meant for the under-privileged, he added that only those who presented sound academic records were rewarded.

Out of a total of 552 applications that were received, 377 were retained for the award. 175 applications were rejected because the applicants failed to present supporting documents showing proof of their results. The mayor explained that the applications were received through quarter heads and chiefs before being scrutinised by members of the Education Committee of the Council.
The scholarship award is one of the most sustainable programmes of the Buea Municipal Council since the current mayor and his councillors took office in 2002. This project has helped many young scholars in the municipality go back to school. By the end of this year’s edition, the recipients and their parents left the Buea Council Premises with beaming smiles.
The bulk of the recipients of this award came from the universities (105) each going home with CFA FRS 25,000, while 217 were students from secondary and high schools going home with CFA FRS 15,000 each, 50 from primary schools going home CFA FRS 10,000 each and 5 handicaps with CFA FRS 20,000 each.


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