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Cameroon National Youth Day Celebrations in Buea;

Mission Schools Receive Praises for Maintaining Anglo-Saxon Tradition

By Moki S. Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre

                                         11 February 2010


The thousands who turned out to witness Cameroon National Youth Day celebrations in Buea have praised students of Saint Joseph’s College at Sasse, Bishop Rogan College Small Soppo, Baptist High School Great Soppo and other mission schools in Buea sub-division for keeping to the traditional Anglo-Saxon organisation during the match pass.  


The match pass exercise that took close to five and a half hours on Thursday 11 February, 2010, went to a climax when Bishop Rogan College, followed by  Saint Joseph’s College Sasse and other mission schools made their entry onto the podium. These schools received a standiing ovation because of the way they matched.   


Talking to some persons at the ceremonial ground on why the applause in favour of mission schools, they explained that only these schools are keeping to the standards that reflect the Anglo-Saxon tradition. According to them, government and the lay private schools in the English speaking areas of Cameroon have now incorporated an approach that is more of francophone style, something that was never seen in Anglophone Cameroon.


They maintained that the mission schools demonstrate a lot of seriousness matching with their chest up and arms swinging simultaneously while respecting the left-right leg movement and students put on identical uniforms. Whereas  government and the lay private schools and even the University of Buea take a more less organised approach. They match waving their hands, failing to swing their hands simultaneously and respect the left-right leg movement. These schools match with majored groups that put on separate uniforms from the entire school, while other students discuss with their friends during the matching exercise.


This years edition of the youth day was celebrate under the theme, “Youths and Consolidation of 50 years of Independence”. On the eve of the celebration, the Head of State, H.E Paul Biya, encouraged youths to get educated for self employment. The president emphasised that the world is becoming very competitive and need individuals with skills in entrepreneurship. According to him, unemployment could only be curbed if individuals start up private businesses that could render jobs to other members of the society.


However, the theme of this year’s celebration has raised much dust as to whether the president is conscious of the fact that Cameroon is made up of two states that got their independence on separate dates (1960 for French Cameroon and 1961 for English Cameroon). If these historical dates are respected, it would be unwise to be talking of Cameroon’s 50thth anniversary because part of this country is short of a year to celebrate its own 50th anniversary. 






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