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Mama Sophie Imbolo Mokondo of Wonakanda Village in Buea Laid To Rest.

By Francis Kaisa in Buea for Fako UK / Fako News Centre

   2nd February 2011


Mourners at the funeral of Mama Sophie Imbolo Mokondo nee Kalle of the Wonya Molua neighbourhood of Wonakanda village in Buea have been told to be death conscious since it is certain that man must one day die. Rev. Pastor Genty Eyole Ndely who made this statement explained that those who have truthfully served as Christians will readily wait for death when the time comes.

Drawing inspiration from 2 Timothy 4:6-8, Rev. Ndely added that those who keep the faith and finish their course here on earth see death as the gate-way to receive their crown of righteousness. He therefore prayed the mourners to prepare themselves for the end-time.

Paying tributes to his grand mother, Moki S. Mokondo wept that he will miss all the fun and special love he enjoyed from the deceased. He lamented the fact that just four days to her transition, he was having fun with her grand mother who was still full of life. He however thanked God for giving his grand mother to leave to the age of 90 which gave her the opportunity to even see her great-great-grand children.

 “My grand mother nursed me as her last child and gave me the sense of purpose and direction.” Moki added. While recounting his relationship with the departed, he stating that though she loved all her off-springs, there was a special bond between both of them. She will remain an oracle of strength, love and peace to me, Moki Concluded.

Yaya (her love name) Imbolo Sophie Mokondo nee Kale, daughter of Kale Ngollo and Enanga’a Njumbe was born in 1921 at Wokanjo Village. She got married to late Mokondo mo Ekwa of Wonakanda with whom they delivered six children; three males and three females. She lost her husband in 1965.

Yaya was a very hard working woman who spent her lifetime doing farming on the slopes of Mount Cameroon and trading her farm products to run her family. She assisted her children in nursing up grand and great grand children. Her strength started failing in 1990 after she took ill. After this sickness, she never regained her normal life. Her health situation became unstable as she was regularly rushed to hospital for medical attention. She recently took ill at the early hours of Thursday 13 January, 2011. By 4pm that same day, she was rushed to hospital for medical attention. Things did not get better and by 4am on Friday, 14 January , 2011, her heart stopped beating, and was pronounced dead.

Mama Sophie Imbolo Mokondo was baptized in 1956 in Muea by Pastor John Nguve and fellowshipped with the Baptist Church in Wonakanda where she was a member till her death. She leaves behind five children, twenty two grand-children, thirty five great-grand-children and eight great-great-grand-children, family and friends to mourn her.

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