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Mama Mary Nanyongo Moki nee Mokondo

The mortal remains of late Mrs. Mary Nanyongo Moki nee Mokondo were laid to rest in Ekona Mbenge on Friday September 29, 2017, amidts the tense atmosphere that rained in the town. The burial for the mother of five who died on September 16, 2017, was initially scheduled for Saturday September 30, but the programme was changed due to a decision signed by the governor of the South West region banning public gatherings of more than 4 persons due to tension in the country relating to the Cameroon Anglophone crisis.

Presenting Eulogies during the funeral, the church, friends and relatives described the deceased as a peaceful, loving and calm mother who had lots of tolerance. One of her step daughters, Martha Moki, who is already above 60 told mourners that she and her brother were raised by their late step mother and they only knew their own biological mother after they had crossed 20 years. She explained that the deceased never in any time showed discrimination that they were not her biological children.

Some Christians of Saraphim Baptist Church Ekona, her Pastor, Rev. Ashu Samson and the appointed deacon, Mr. Njobati also noted that Mami Mary was a dedicated Christian even at her age. The said news of her death was a shock to the entire church as she attended a church meeting the previous day.

For her children, they believed their mother has finished her journey and it was her time to rest. One of the sons, Moki Mokondo explained how he received a call at about 7:00 am on Saturday September 16 that his mum was unconscious. He requested that she should be brought to the Buea General Hospital where the doctors attended to her and prescribed for some medical examination to be conducted. Mola Mokondo was just coming from the lab with the results at about 11:40am that same day when he got news that his mother had given up the ghost.

Mami Mary Nanyongo Moki nee Mokondo was daughter of Mokondo Mo Akwa and Sophie Imbolo Kale all of blessed memories. She was born in Wonakanda in 1940
and was the 9th child but first from her mother in a family of thirteen children since her father was a polygamist. She attended the Basel Mission School in Lysoka and later acquired skills as a seamstress. She got married to Pa Peter Moki Molua also of blessed memory in 1958. She gave her life to Christ and was baptised on December 10, 1962 in Ikata while witnessing a baptism ceremony.

Mami Mary became a widow in 1980 after the death of her husband. In the struggle to take care of her children, she farmed, prepared and sold Kwakoko to generate an income. She also worked with the CDC Boxing Station in Ekona and Moli in the 80s.
Mami Mary took seriously ill in the year 2000 and was down for more than a year. She never fully recovered after that illness till her death. Mami has since then spend her
last energy to raise her grandchildren and great grandchildren who are already missing her so much. She fellowshipped at Saraphim Baptist Church Ekona and was member of FOWADA and other sociocultural groups. She leaves behind five children (Sarah Moki, Mispah Enanga Moki Epse Motutu, Paul Elonge Moki, Moki - Mokondo and Nanyongo Moki), fifteen grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren, brothers, sisters, friends and relatives to morn her.