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By Moki Stephen Mokondo in Buea for Fako UK/Fako News Centre
23 September 2012


If it were possible for relatives, friends, Christians of Charity Baptist Church Bova and many others to appeal the death of one of their beloved, Irene Messanga Lisonge of Wonjuku area of Bova II village, Buea, they would have asked for her resurrection. But unfortunately, in God’s case, there is no appeal.
Born on the 3rd of January 1988, Irene Messanga Lisonge was expected to graduate from the Department of Curriculum Studies (with Economics as teaching subject) University of Buea, Cameroon, in December 2012 before the cold hands of death took her away on 13th of September 2012. News of her death spread like bush fire and before her mortal remains could even reach the Buea Regional Hospital Mortuary, many had stormed the place to see with their own eyes if what they heard was not rumour.
She fell sick around June 2012 while writing her final year exams in the University of Buea, but being a very determined and intelligent young lady, she went ahead to sit for all her courses and recorded a pass in all.
While recovering from her sick bed and started her daily life activities like singing and teaching Sunday-School lessons in church, that was when death surprised everybody by visiting her. Coming from her sick bed, she was among the laureates who recently benefited from the Dr. David Makongo scholarship award to BONAVADA students in the University of Buea.


During her burial, her relatives, friends and others described her as one who displayed unique traits of moral values. Her classmates confessed that she possessed a rare brand of knowledge and could interact with both mates and teachers. Miss Lisonge who was the last of 10 children born in a polygamous home was also described as one with a unifying spirit. Her siblings noted that despite the fact that she was the youngest, she always prescribed dialogue when there was any misunderstanding amongst them.


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