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Two Bakweri Journalists Die

By Peterkins Tengileli Elive in Buea for Fako UK / Fako News Centre


The Bakweri tribe has lost two great journalists. Becky Ndive and Lyonga Vevanje died within twenty-four hours of each other, Monday 13th July and Tuesday

14th July 2009 respectively.

Becky Njomo Ndive, former wife of the greatest Bakweri Politician of all time E.M.L. Endeley with whom she had three children (Oscar, Miriam and Susan), was a Radio and TV Producer and Broadcaster with the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation CRTV. She became the first-ever female chief of CRTV in 1992 when she was appointed to head CRTV Buea.

She later rose to the rank of Sub-Director in CRTV Yaounde and was retired in 2005 after serving CRTV for over thirty years.

Fondly known as Auntie Becky, she was renowned for her beauty, gentility and grace and her famous programmes including “Wake Up Show”, “Luncheon Date”, “Monday Show” and “The Debate”.

Teacher by profession before joining the Radio in 1970, Becky Ndive died at the age of about 64 after a protracted illness.


Like Becky Ndive, Lyonga Vevanje was also a professional teacher before joining CRTV. He was one of the pioneers of Mt. Cameroon FM Radio Station created in the year 2000 to operate side-by-side with CRTV Buea.

Vincent Lyonga Vevanje alias Uncle Vivo was a hard-working and charismatic broadcaster who produced and presented several lively and educative programmes like “Torry Time” and “Dibuncha Drops”. He was married with three children.

His death at 42 after a short illness is a big shock to his numerous fans and friends.












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